10 Historic Mansions to Visit on Long Island from the Gold Coast Era


The Gold Coast of Long Island, NY

Sumptuous mansions, extravagant parties, lavish outfits and exotic cars – these are some of the scenes portrayed by F. Scott Fitzgerald in his book, The Great Gatsby, about the Gold Coast of Long Island during the Roaring ’20s. Inspired by visits to Long Island, Fitzgerald’s book takes place in an era when wealthy New Yorkers, seeking a more bucolic retreat from their urban lives, built opulent estates on the north shore of Long Island.

Of the grand mansions of that era that remain today, many have been demolished but many others have been re-purposed and renovated, functioning as venues for special events and weddings. Others have been converted into educational centers and museums.

Here are ten of these grand mansions from Long Island’s Gold Coast Era: