12 Last-Minute (But Still Amazing) Mothers Day Ideas


She raised you to be resourceful and think on your feet, so we’re sure she won’t mind if you put those skills into action. If Mother’s Day snuck up on you this year (doesn’t it always?), never fear! Read on for ideas to help pull together a meaningful tribute to Mom in minutes . . . she’ll be none the wiser.




Bedroom Service: Let’s face it: Even a bowl of cereal tastes better when made with love. All you really need is a steady hand to pour her milk (but if you wish to go a more elaborate route, go for it).

Buy, Buy, Beauty: Goodness knows she rarely treats herself, so do it for her.

Screen (and Face) Time: When you were little, you had all the time in the world to spend with Mom. Show her you still care by planning a special night in for the two of you to cuddle up with a favorite film.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Clusters: Skip a trip to the candy store and make these three-ingredient white chocolate raspberry treats. Mom will love them.

New School Heirloom: Is Mom more into creating than consuming? Reserve an afternoon for a mother-daughter jewelry-making session using the new line from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Crafternoon Tea: Scribble heartfelt messages onto custom tea tags. When she goes to make her daily brew, she’ll be reminded of how much you care.

Special Delivery: Sign Mom up for a fruit- or cheese-of-the-month club, or buy her a share in the local CSA. A grocery-inspired gift will save her time and money all year long.

Feed Fer Well: When choosing edible gifts, go for things that are both delightful and practical. A beautiful fruit basket or batch of homemade granola are sure to please.

Chocolate Covered Mommy: On a related note, chocolate-covered strawberries are the ultimate semisweet luxury — and probably not something she’d make for herself every day.

Be a Wrap Star: In the time it would take you to wrap a generic sale-rack gift, you could scallop the edges of parchment paper to hold a stunning (and full-price!) bouquet.

A New Floral Pattern: Don’t mistake low-maintenance for low-impact. A single delphinium proves as striking as a full bouquet.

Be a Little Wine-y: Mom won’t say no to a glass of the good stuff — especially when paired with a tea towel that tells her just what to eat alongside.